Game Update #2

This week we worked on the graphics for our game.  This was particularly difficult because we were still struggling with deciding between a 3d view or a 2d view.  In the end we decided that we should try to make it 2d, but come from a focal point on the stage, so that it has a 3d feel.  We designed our graphics this way, and we hope that we can re-code the actionscript and tilt the stage on its z-axis.  Once we get the graphics to fit this idea, we should be well on our way to getting this game finished.  The head tracking and hit tests are working.  This seems to be the last major step until we play test.  If we are unable to get the 3d feel to work, we may go back to 2d and have the objects come from the top of the screen.


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  1. Posted by Brandon Buller on November 22, 2010 at 7:12 pm

    You guys are pretty far at this point. Who has been doing most of your coding? It’s awesome that you guys have a jump on this. It’s also really good that you have a fall-back plan. I think that 2D with a focal point will work really well. It’d be much more fun to look at than simple 2D vertical-scrolling. Good luck!


  2. Thanks! I guess we are making some good headway on the character control, but I feel as though we have not even scratched the surface of this project as a whole. I’ve been doing a decent amount of the coding, but the Powerhouse helped out a lot. I’m sure we will have to pay them another visit before this is over.


  3. It’s great to see how we have progressed over the last few weeks. I think we’ll be really proud of our final project.


  4. I sure hope so! I mean it’s all thanks to you!!! You are aamaaazzzinggg!!! GO BUMFUZZLE!!!


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