Game Review #12

World’s Fastest Drummer

This week I chose to review the game World’s Fastest Drummer.  Usually, I review games that I have played before and I am excited about, however, this week I decided to pick a random game off of and give it a spin.

This game doesn’t have much of a narrative.  It starts out with just showing you a picture of a kid named Bobby and telling you through text that he likes to hit drums.  You are then put into the game and you see Bobby hitting a practice pad.  There are also a set of drum sticks closer to the screen, which one would assume are  yours and you must hit the drum… only one problem… how do you do that?  At first I hit the space bar.  No luck.  Then, I tried the arrow keys.  Still nothing.  After smashing the keyboard out of frustration, I noticed that the sticks moved.  Success!  Now, how did I do that?  After a little exploration, I found that the ‘A’ and ‘L’ keys moved the left and right sticks, respectively.  Now I can play!

After destroying Bobby in his bedroom drum-off, I moved on to face a “real” drummer.  The scene moved to a rock drummer warming up for a concert.  He was no match for my button-mashing skills.  After easily making him cry in defeat, I went on to face a kid on the street.  Who knows why.

At this point, I was over the game.  Smashing two keys continuously can only be entertaining for so long.  Core mechanic fail.

This game is essentially just a race against the clock.  You need to hit the drum a certain amount of times in a limited time to pass each level.  The needed number of hits goes up by 100 each level.  Exciting? No.

Overall, this game was fun for about 8 minutes.  If you like mashing buttons, then this game is for you, otherwise, I wouldn’t recommend it.


One response to this post.

  1. This game wasn’t as fun as your others. It got kind of boring.


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