Herigstad lecture

This week we were to listen to guest lecturer Dale Herigstad.  He lectured on several ideas, including the idea of layering in augmented reality. Herigstad discussed the idea of layering information and designs in a single, 3D space, calling augmented reality the layering of information and designs in a single real life 3D space.  I feel that not being able to see this lecture and only listening to the audio made it much more difficult to understand.  It seems that he had a powerpoint or some sort of visual aids that he relied on and made numerous references to.  It was hard to really picture what he was saying.

He also made reference to the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3TL80ScTLlM.  This video was somewhat confusing.  It didn’t really seem like they were participating in the world.  They were in this bubble of technology and it seemed that they were just interacting and changing things for themselves.  I like the idea of having technology like that at your fingertips, but not to that scale.

I think that the idea that you can know things about people using implants and  just looking at them changes the way people will interact.  Seeing a list of people’s likes and dislikes before you even meet them will cause you to act differently and possibly not approach them at all.  How will you really get to know people?  This technology could be great for certain things, but it does scare me to some extent.

Herigstad talked in depth about layering.  It is the idea that you can tap into other information that is outside of the current program, while still being involved in the current one.  He gave the example of how it is already a part of our lives.  On almost every sports event on TV, there are various tickers and scoreboards placed around the screen.  You can also find these in great quantities on news shows.  These tickers are insight into another program, but while still watching your current program.  It creates access to more information and makes you aware of a greater space.

Overall, I enjoyed this lecture, but I don’t feel that I got all that I could out of it due to the lack of video.


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  1. Though I wasn’t at his lecture, I gained a lot from the audio I was able to listen to. It’s insane to think about what our future may hold as far as technology. I am just amazed with the possibilities.


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