Project so far…

Our group project game is all about spreading joy.  It takes place during a sad and gloomy time on the BSU campus, finals week.  You play as Charlie Cardinal and run down McKinley giving hi-fives to students in order to cheer them up!  However, beware of the professors because they will cause your “Joy-O-Meter” to decrease.  If you can make it down McKinley and to the scramble light, you can consider your mission a success.

We currently are finishing our storyboards.  We need to solidify our ideas and actually write them down and draw them.  We first started doing this using the computers and a Wacom tablet, but found that it was a lot faster and more organized (although a little less pretty) to do it by hand.

I am most excited about learning to utilize Flash more effectively.  I’ve been looking at open source code and trying to alter it to fit our ideas.  So far, it has been a lot of fun, and knowing a little bit of Java helps occasionally.  We have been discussing alternate ways to control the characters in our game and have found something really interesting.  Hopefully we can get it to work.


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