Game Review #8

Nanaca Crash!

This ‘Kitten-Cannon’-like game may be the most ridiculous and intricate one yet.  You launch your bike into as many of a certain type of people as possible.  Each color person has their own effect, whether it be to launch you in a certain direction, or just stop you dead in your tracks.  Seems simple right?  Well, after playing this game further, you can see that each color person can change what they do.  There is a meter called ‘special’ in the top right corner.  This tells you which color person will give you a special when you hit them.  If you manage to do this, you have to click the screen within a few seconds of it telling  you to, and you get a huge boost in speed and height.

To make it even more complicated, the purple girl acts as a “through.”  Hitting her causes you to go through her like nothing has happened, as well as the next person you hit.  However, if you get the purple girl as a ‘special,’ it can create a combo and make things even more complicated.

Another reason that this is different than most ‘kitten cannon’ games is that you can actually hit yourself either up or down by clicking the mouse while the ‘Aerial’ text in the top left corner is glowing (red for up and blue for down).

Although this game does have some strategy involved, it mostly is just a game where you pray for luck.  All you can do is click at the right times and hope everything falls into place.  There aren’t many resources or other objectives, but the outcome is of the upmost most importance… bragging rights.

Despite this being a more complex game, it is definitely worth checking out.

Give it a try!


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