Game Review #7

Summoner 2

Keeping with the theme of the week, women and games, I chose to review a game that I played a few years ago with a strong female lead character.  The main character is Maia, a goddess reborn, with the extraordinary ability to turn into powerful guardians, or summons. Maia must heal the legendary Tree of Eleh, the source of Aosi, the language of creation. Along the way, she meets a host of characters, including Yago from the original Summoner game. As Maia travels across the worlds of Halassar, Galdyr and the incredible Twilight Realm, she discovers her ultimate goal, and the being that seeks to stop it from occurring.

This game actually has a few female characters.  Out of the eight total characters, three of them are female.  Each one has their own unique personality and are actually the most interesting characters in the game.

1. Maia is the character which players will nearly always have in their main party. She can use swords and maces, and has fire magic which has the potential to be very powerful if enough skill points are spent on it. On top of this, she can also turn into powerful summons. Her versatility easily makes her the most powerful character in the game.

2. Sangaril is a Munari assassin sent to kill Maia 10 years beforehand, she was only 16 and had never seen joy before. When she saw the happiness Maia gave to her people, she could not kill her and has been her protector ever since. She uses swords & daggers in melee. Many of these are based on Japanese weaponry. She is also the only character that can equip Crossbows.  Her skills include stealth, backstabbing, poison, etc, and if used correctly can be very damaging.

3. Iari is a mystery throughout a large part of the game.  Her origins are mostly unknown, but she is a machine made by the legendary gods of the Munari, the Unseen.  She is a mystery to all but Morbazan, who seems to know something of her past.

Although Maia looks like a female idealization, she is not over sexualized.  She has fairly modest clothing and the story is mostly based on her actions as the hero, not as her as an object.  I don’t think this necessarily makes any women want to play this game because of that, it is simply an observation.

Overall, I think that this game had some issues with the gameplay itself, but had a good story and was enjoyable.


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