Virtual Worlds

This week we were asked to research one way that virtual worlds are being used (by individuals, institutions, corporations, governments, etc.) in the “real world.”  So, I was determined to try and find a unique virtual world that no one has heard of.

The Singapore 2010 Odyssey is a new 3D virtual world centered around the upcoming 2010 Youth Olympics. The games aren’t until the end of the summer, but the project has been in the works for a while. The free-to-play downloadable 3D world is aimed at youths around the world and features a futuristic setting looking back at the first Youth Olympic Games in Singapore. It provides an Olympic-themed world with games, social networking, and education. Activities including archery, swimming, shooting, hurdle race, triple jump, javelin, weight lifting, vault, and basketball are based on the 26 Olympic sports as well as the overall values the Olympics strive to promote: excellence, friendship and respect.

The Singapore 2010 Odyssey lets you visit Singapore virtually.  You can walk among Singapore’s landmarks within the virtual world. Places that you can visit are the Singapore Convention Centre, Pulau Ubin Island, the Marina Barrage, the “Float” at Marina Bay, etc.

You gain experience points and level up your avatar by competing in games and by referring friends to join the virtual world.  The higher the level, the stronger your avatar is.  You can also earn credits that enable you to upgrade your gear. Different properties in each gear allows you to enhance your attributes to compete more effectively. You then compete against your friends to see who is the “better sportsperson.”

Users also have the opportunity to design their own 3D content. Singapore 2010 Odyssey is pushing that program specifically through schools. So far students from NUS High, Nan Hua Secondary, and Hai Sing Catholic have piloted the program to create in-world content.

The storyline of this virtual world is interesting. The year is 3006. Elite athletes from across the universe are gathering for the Intergalactic Youth Olympic Games. For a long time now, aliens have dominated the games. Their size and speed have made them unbeatable foes in the sporting arena. However, athletes from Earth have been training harder than ever. This year, things are going to be different. A new crop of incredible athletics stars have arisen and they are ready to meet the challenge. The aliens realised that the tide is turning. Their days of athletic dominance are numbered. This year, they are going to face stiff competition from the humans. This could be the year where they face humiliating defeat at the hands of their bitter rivals. In one final act of desperation, they begin to turn to evil methods to ensure victory … Earth needs your help!
Stop the aliens before it’s too late…

Currently Singapore 2010 Odyssey is only available for PCs, but the FAQ says the consortium hopes to launch a Mac version soon. The world was in a closed beta starting October 2009, but is now available for download.

(on a side note) Yes, It’s the *&(#% Space Olympics…


For a better explanation and more details visit:


2 responses to this post.

  1. This sounds cool, but what are they trying to accomplish? Is this just a game to promote the event or are they trying to gain knowledge or something? The concept seems like it could be a pretty cool promotional tool, but I’m not sure how the aliens fit into that theory.


  2. I think it’s a promotional tool as well as trying to instill the values of excellence, friendship and respect in kids.


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