Game Review #4

The Breach (Computer)

This week we were assigned to review a game with an obvious narrative.  The Breach features is a horror/action/platformer by Bezerk Studios.  It features the thrilling combination of vomiting zombies and space moths.  The Breach puts you into the bulky space boots of a lone security officer, Sergei, exploring a prototype starship, the Hermes, that is suddenly not responding to communication. By the time Sergei discovers how bad things are, escape has gotten more complicated, forcing him to descend into the belly of the ship looking for the escape pods. And of course there are the visions that get increasingly more disturbing as he progresses, and the strange force that whispers everything would be so much simpler if he would just let it in…

As Sergei makes his way down the ship, he experiences psychotic episodes that all relate to a yellow butterfly.  You fight a variety of mutated space monsters and collect card keys to find upgrades to both your suit and weapon.  This game also includes a system of leveling up.  The rooms of monsters respawn every time you leave a room, so  you can farm EXP if you really feel the need, but you shouldn’t need to in order to complete the game.

The cutscenes of this game really make the story come alive and add a great narrative with a solid dramatic arc. Not only that, but they also add a needed emotional attachment and create a desire to complete the game and see what happens at the end.

Exposition: The player is introduced to Sergei.  They soon learn that Sergei needs to get off of the space ship and get home before he is lost either physically or mentally.

Rising Action:  Freaky space zombies and yellow butterfly icons start showing up everywhere.  Also, Sergei finds various voice recordings left behind by the crew.  He learns of this disease that has some sort of mind controlling effect.

Climax: Sergei is confronted with several mental breakdowns and lots of big zombie space monsters that threaten to kill him.  He finds the source of this yellow butterfly icon he had been seeing.

Falling Action:  He seems to have defeated the “final boss,” but it couldn’t be that easy… could it?

Resolution: He makes it home alive… or does he?!

Can you defeat the numerous legions of space monsters while dealing with mental breakdowns and weird visions of yellow butterflies?  Give it a try!

Disclaimer: This game is not for those who hate blood, shooting, and zombie vomit.


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