When Games Invade Real Life!

This week we watched a video of a lecture given by Jesse Schell, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University.  It can be watched here.

Q #1 – How do games invade YOUR real life? What aspects of your life are game-like?

A – I would completely agree with Schell that school is a game.  It is currently the biggest and most important game in my life.  It’s a constant competition between not only me and my peers, but also myself.  I strive to do assignments and get points in classes so that after four years I can get a reward.  If you think about it though, life as a whole has aspects of a game.  We work and tackle conflicts so that at the end of the day, we have money/points to spend.  Most people compare themselves to those whom are either richer or poorer.  It’s a constant competition with rules/laws.  I think that these aspects of games enhance my life, as they give me something to works towards.  A little healthy competition never hurt anyone, right?

Q #2 – Schell says, “We live in a bubble of fake bullshit.” Do you agree? Might this bubble be different for different cultures, classes or groups? Is living in this bubble a positive or negative?

A – I would agree that we live in a bubble of fake bullshit.  I believe that it is fake because almost everything we hear and learn about comes from the media.  The media bends and sometimes negates the truth to suit their needs and intentions.  Very rarely is the media going to give you the whole truth.  This bubble would be different depending on how much media you are exposed to daily.  Most people my age interact with media almost non-stop throughout every single day.  If we are exposed to so much media so often, it is only time before we slowly start to believe it.  Being exposed to media constantly can be beneficial because we are being updated with what is happening in the world.  It’s never good to just walk around with blinders on to world events.  However, it can be bad because as I said previously, media, for the most part, is biased.

Here is something that I won in a game.  It was a toy that you could get by buying Honey Nut Cheerios.  It’s called a “Penguin Launcher” from the movie Madagascar.  You just set the penguin picture on the launcher and hit down on it.  It sends the penguin flying through the air.  It’s not all that exciting, but it sure was fun to play with… for about 5 minutes.


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