Game Review #3

Infamous (PS3)

Infamous is a open-world game created by Sucker Punch Productions.  It is one of my favorite PS3 titles to date.  It’s centered around a man named Cole. He used to be your everyday bike messenger, but that all ended when he was delivering a package and it exploded in his hands. The blast leveled a gigantic portion of the city and left Cole in a coma. When he wakes up, everything is screwed, there’s a plague that’s making people sick, the government’s quarantined the city, gangs have seized control of the three islands that make up the metropolis, and Cole finds that he’s been blessed/cursed with electricity-based superpowers. Now that you’re in control of a guy who can shoot lightning bolts from his hands, fall from the highest buildings without taking any damage, and throw cars into the air with a shockwave, what are you going to do?

This is another game where you can decide to follow the path of good and help rebuild the city, or give in to the power and destroy everything you come across in order to find out what happened to you.  This helps to create an emotional attachment to Cole and makes decisions in the game feel like they actually matter to you and your morals.

This game contains most, if not all, of the formal elements of a game.  The only thing that is hard about defining some of the elements is that it is and open-world game and you could just run around and not complete the story if you didn’t want to, but here are some of them:

-Players: 1

-Outcome: You will hopefully figure out who sent the package and how you got your powers.

-Procedures: Button combinations and movements.

-Rules: Operational (defeat opponents/puzzles before you die), Implicit (Don’t hack the game)

-Resources: Electrical charge.

-Conflict: Cole has to fight just about everything and everyone in the city, including himself.  He needs to scale large buildings and obstacles,  fight large hordes of gangs, and constantly struggle with his morals and his determination to figure out what happened.

-Objectives: Race, chase, collect, follow, kill, save, stop, recharge, destroy, etc.

-Boundaries: The player’s TV screen and the idea of superpowers.

I give this game a 9 out of 10 and would highly recommend playing it.


One response to this post.

  1. The biggest issue I have with this game is re-playability. I first played it back in January and got only about 3 hours into the game, just starting to get into the thick of the story, when I accidentally erased the file. I wanted to continue the story but no part of me wanted to repeat the actions I had already done to get back to that point. It is fun, but going around collecting little orbs to gain more power becomes tiresome and tedious. Seems like a great game though, as long as you don’t screw yourself over by deleting your file.


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