Marble Hornets

At first I was skeptical about how scary a series of YouTube videos could be.  After 10 or so videos, I actually found myself a little frightened at what was going to happen next.  I’d say this project was well done.  However, when analyzing it as a game, it does not meet many of the formal elements of a game.  It really only touched upon a few elements such as conflict and behavioral psychology.  The conflicts in Marble Hornets were Alex’s struggle with his mental state of being while trying to get his movie completed, and J’s investigation into what happened.  The behavioral psychology element is from Alex’s responses to the being haunted and J’s blacking out, waking up in random locations and his eventual fleeing from the situation.

I would say Marble Hornets is more like a movie or show, not a game.  A game needs rules and players and some sort of interaction between them.  There is no real interaction.  The viewer watches the videos passively.  Even though while Marble Hornets was originally being released the viewers had some interaction with each other through forums, they didn’t really have interactions with the game itself, and they could not alter the content of the game.


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