Ranking Interactive Websites (and some thoughts)

Given a few websites, we were to determine the most and least interactive.  Here is my list:

1. Kitten –  The kitten seems to be the most interactive out of this list.  It responds to when you touch and and play with it.  However, if we just look at the cat as a YouTube video of a kitten, then that is not interactive.  I chose to analyze the kitten as real object… an extremely cute one at that.

2.  Pleo – Pleo is a robot dinosaur that you can pet and play with.  It is meant to be as realistic as possible, and even fill in for those who can’t have traditional pets. Sensors and cameras in it make it interactive.  It reacts to touching and can maneuver around at the sound of your voice.  It’s almost as interactive as a real pet.

3. Arcade Fire – This website was quite amazing.  It was not completely interactive, but enough to rank this high on the list.  You could input your address and it would change the video based on where you lived in the USA.  It was far more interactive than the other websites because you could actually change the resulting video with the data that you input.  Also, the part where you could type and draw a letter was wonderful.  The biggest downfall this website has is that not all addresses work.  There were not enough cameras near my home for it to even produce a video to watch.

4.  Jim Carrey – Even the loading screeen got my attention and I wanted to see more.  The only problem was that it wasn’t super interactive.  When the page loaded, I was a little overwhelmed.  There was so much going on that I didn’t know what to click on, and half of the stuff that I tried to click on wasn’t even interactive. Going deeper into the page, there were more and more things you could click on and learn about.  The thing that kept me interested in the page besides the fact that it had music was the countdown clock.  I really wanted to see what would happen or if I could effect that clock in any way.

5.  Pepsi – The Pepsi website seemed to be just a basic website.  I could click on links to read about the Refresh project.  The only reason I found this more interactive than the lower rated ones was that you could vote and feel as though you were actually affecting something.

6.  NOLA – The NOLA website, although fun and interesting, was not that interactive.  I didn’t feel as though I could get much out of it other than just reading/watching a story.  Maybe I didn’t give it its fair due because I wasn’t that interested and distracted by other things.  I think it would be much more effective if it took up the whole webpage and not left white space with just basic, unflattering, text/webpage around it.

7.  Rug – The rug is an interesting idea, but I don’t see it as being any more interactive than any other play toy.  Its just a mat that you can sit at and imagine other things happening.  It does not give any output or really do anything at all.


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